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Role Playing with Kids: How to Teach New Skills by Acting Out Scenes

Acting out scenarios and engaging in pretend play is a fun way to help your child learn new skills and practice new behavior in a safe environment.

When to Use Role Playing as a Teaching Tool with Kids

Step into your child's world and engage in pretend role playing as a way to help your child learn new behavior and prepare for specific situations.

The 5 Core Components of Effective Discipline

No matter what type of discipline you use, or what type of consequences you try, your discipline won't be effective unless you've got these basic components.

10 Ways to Avoid Spoiling Your Child

Follow these discipline strategies to avoid overindulging your child.

Does Sugar Really Cause Hyperactivity in Children?

Will a sugary treat really make your child hyper? Discover the truth about sugar and hyperactivity in children.

5 Ways to Teach Kids Old-Fashioned Manners in Today's World

Teach your child age appropriate manners and etiquette and he'll gain respect from his peers as well as adults around him.

6 Ways to Get Teenagers to do Chores Without Nagging

These six strategies will encourage your teen to do his chores and you won't have nag him to get them done on time.

Symptoms of Common Behavior Disorders in Children

Sometimes a child's behavior problems can be warning signs of a more serious behavior disorder that requires professional treatment.

How to Deal with Behavior Problems When You’re Talking on the Phone

Kids know when you're talking on the phone and they often use the opportunity to misbehave. These discipline strategies can help you hold a phone call in peace.

Discipline Strategies that Teach Kids Not to Interrupt

Talking over people and interrupting is a bad habit for many kids. Teach your child how to wait for his turn in a conversation so he doesn't interrupt people.

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