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Discipline - By Category

Discipline by Age
Your child's discipline needs will change over the years. Learn strategies to help manage your child's behaviors at every step along the way from pre-school through the teenage years.

Discipline Basics
Discipline basics provides you with a solid foundation to build upon. Gain a better understanding of the reasons for your child's behaviors and learn how to increase the effectiveness of discipline strategies.

Types of Discipline
There's lots of different types of discipline. Learn about the underlying philosophies that guide each discipline type so you can decide which parenting strategies best align with your values.

Establishing Rules
Confused about how much video game time is healthy? Uncertain about what time is an appropriate bedtime? Learn how to establish rules that will help ensure your child matures into a healthy, responsible adult.

Decrease Negative Behaviors
Find discipline strategies to help you deal with negative behaviors. Learn consequences to reduce acting out, defiance, arguing, aggression, temper tantrums and more.

Increase Positive Behaviors
Find discipline strategies that encourage your child to exhibit good behaviors. Learn techniques to teach young children to have good manners, play independently, and follow directions. Teach older children and teenagers to resist peer pressure, tell the truth, and increase compliance with chores.

Teaching New Skills
Teaching children how to do something new takes patience and work. Learn how to make these lessons go more smoothly as you teach children new skills such as anger management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

Working With Caregivers
Learn how to resolve behavior problems and discipline issues that arise when your child is with other caregivers such as the babysitter, extended family members, teachers, or the other parent.

Solving School Problems
Find strategies to resolve school related discipline issues such as school refusal, poor academic performance, and homework battles. Also, learn how to work with the school to resolve behavior problems and peer issues.

Discipline in the Community
Disciplining children in the community requires some different strategies. Find tools to help you plan for behaviors while you're in public.

Specific Behavior Problems
Learn discipline techniques to respond to specific behavior problems that require extra attention.

Special Needs Strategies
Children with special needs sometimes require different discipline techniques. Find creative parenting solutions to manage behavior problems.

Books & Resources
Discover book reviews and information on parenting and discipline related resources available to parents.


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