1. Parenting

Types of Discipline

There's lots of different types of discipline. Learn about the underlying philosophies that guide each discipline type so you can decide which parenting strategies best align with your values.

5 Different Types of Discipline
Learn more about the differences in the underlying philosphies and parenting techniques of the five main types of discipline.

4 Main Types of Parenting Styles
There are four main types parenting styles. Learn how each type of discipline impacts children.

Positive Discipline Techniques
Positive discipline focuses on teaching kids how to make healthy choices instead of punishing them for their mistakes

Emotion Coaching A 5 Step Discipline Process
Find out the 5 steps to emotion coaching and see if it is the right type of discipline for your family.

What is Behavior Modification?
Learn more about behavior modification to see if this is the right type of discipline for your family.

Boundary-Based Discipline Techniques
Find out if boundary-based discipline is the right type of child discipline for your family.

What is Gentle Discipline?
Learn more about gentle discipline techniques.

Parenting Tips from 10 Parenting Experts
10 parenting experts offer their top discipline tips and parenting advice.

10 More Expert Parenting Tips
Discipline tips from 10 parenting experts.

Helicopter Parents: Do They Help or Hurt Kids
Helicopter parents often want their children to be as successful as possible. However, this type of discipline may do more harm than good.

The Difference Between Punishment and Discipline
When it comes to managing misbehaviors with children, there is a big difference between discipline and punishments. Learn how to use discipline to teach your child new skills without using punishments.

5 Steps to Determining the Best Way to Discipline Your Child
Learn how to identify the best type of discipline for your family.

5 Problems with Being a Pushover Parent
Being a pushover can do more harm than good.

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